Spanky’s most recent inclusion in The Denver Business Journal’s article titled, Full Plate: This Week’s Denver Area Restaurant News.

Spanky’s Roadhouse, a longtime University of Denver dive bar, has revamped its look and its menu, offering up “sleek and contemporary finishes” and more health-minded food options — but keeping a variety of bust-your-gut burgers available to signify it hasn’t forgotten its roots.

The 27-year-old hangout, part of the Roadhouse Hospitality Group, rebooted its 2,500-square-foot space and open-air patio to make it a relaxing space for families and greater Denverites as well as students. The menu revamp includes entrée salads and a paleo bowl but also options like the Jam Burger (pictured), featuring applewood bacon, brie, bacon onion apple jam and arugula